Off the Wall: Number One

” Aging with Grace and Dignity, Songs of the Elder Worm, Part IX. On Draconic Diagnostic Procedures: The Rectum”

The fay, the fell, the false abased decry
Our Nemesis has come to loom and see
The lark, the lake, the rune, let arrows fly
His dark visage from sky be torn, then flee

Obtuse, the monk, will call forth three to come
And cull the willow tree. The fruit secured
Then carried out by wing and claw, undone
The very song of lords, our fates obscured

What votary could make him see the truth
That this proctology would show, for once,
The secret hoard of his behind? Forsooth,
Such dooms and ills and pains it does ensconce.

This opulent visage of his cannot
Belie the warts betwixt his scaley butt


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